Pancor Jackhammer Photos

While I had the Pancor Jackhammer disassembled, I took a bunch of photographs of the individual parts and assemblies. Here they are:


  1. Hello Ian,
    Could you provide actual disassembly photos of that shotgun please??
    The details of individual parts shown well in exploded view but no disassembly photos around web available how to dismount this shotgun….
    Besides I never seen instruction manuals on Jackhammer Mk3A1,instead I got USAS 12 manual and Cobray streetsweaper…
    I also never seen instructiuon manual or disassembly photos of AA12 automatic shotgun…..

  2. If you ask me Jackhammer could be modified by hinging the butstock so it will go upward by pressing latch so instead removing cylinder pin whole cylinder would slides out making easy for reload….
    The decocking lever in this case wont be interfiered at all..
    Stock part would serving locking role for cylinder,rather than this I don’t think jackhammer could be modified further…
    An simple project for machinist to make…

  3. Hey Ian, I am posting this here to hopefully gain your attention since I have no idea how else to contact you, I might have a gun you might be interested, it is a O3-A3 Springfield that according to a old gunsmith friend of my father was sportorized at Fort Benning and well other than that I have no first hand information since the only other known owner was my great grandpa, I hope this might spark your curiosity.

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