Osorio Selectiva: A Nicaraguan .22 Rimfire Machine Pistol

This is Lot 1067 in the upcoming October 2019 Morphys Extraordinary auction.

Made by Señor Osorio in Nicaragua, this is a .22 rimfire caliber machine pistol with several clever design elements. It fires from an open bolt, using a .22-round Italian magazine of indeterminate origin. It has a selective trigger, with the top firing in full automatic (sliding rearward) and the bottom firing in semiauto only (pivoting). Aside from some sharp edges on the vz61-like folding stock, it is a remarkably well built and refined little pistol!


  1. Cool piece. It wasn’t clear from the video how the semi-auto cycle actually works: If pivoting the triggerin semi-auto removes upward pressure on the sear allowing the bolt to overcome it and fly forward what prevents that from occurring again after the firing that round if the trigger is still held? That is I didn’t see any sort of disconnecting or resetting action that occurs during the firing cycle in semi-auto.

    • Yes, its confusing, as not once did sear moved down as he pulled the semi trigger, yet he assured that it supposedly does.

      Also seeing how little sear moves in full auto, I supposed afterwards milled slot on the bolt is understandable, it could not clear in original config.
      All this points me in conclusion that the firing system is novel, but not perfected.

  2. A south american Prof. Parebellum very cool
    The gun must have imported prior to the 1980’s machine gun law I imagine

  3. Interesting piece! Did Mr. Osorio ever consider selling his design to someone who could manufacture it in quantity?

  4. Looks like there is a disconnector that pivots upward into the path of the bolt when the semi-auto trigger is pulled.

  5. Ingenious and ‘seems’ a practical and effective design – easily up to the standard of many production guns. But with the caveat of and would like to know (ideally see) how it actually shoots. Including how its ergonomics work out.

    • We hope Ian gets to shoot this thing, but why nobody has capitalized on (and improved upon) this design for service usage is beyond me.

      • Not a huge market for 22lr smgs, never was, never will be, at least not for normal users, south america gang bangers use every calibre they could get but I dont think that was the intended selling population

  6. Some manufacturing seems inspired by the vz61: the captive but sliding forward upper, the telescoping bolt. The trigger group is done much simpler though.

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