Online-Only Auction at RIA

It is worth pointing out the RIA has added a third type of auction in the last year or so; online-only. The idea is to have a lower-overhead way to sell some of the things that don’t really fit into the Premier and Regional auctions. The next one is coming up next Saturday (the 15th), and I had the chance to root through the items going into it when I was visiting Rock Island recently. There are always a few interesting pieces nestled here and there in the catalog, and it’s worth taking a look though (well, I think so). I have a couple lots I’m going to be bidding on myself, which I won’t be publicizing (wink)…and some other neat stuff like this double-scale BAR training cutaway. Because a real BAR isn’t big enough already!


  1. That sure is a neat item! Were there no movable parts? If there was it would have been neat to see how it works…

  2. I don’t know how anybody could confidently buy at an auction where all you get is two side views, and no further description than an overall rating. No description of matching (or not) numbers, import marks, condition of bore, mechanical completeness etc. You could end up with a force matched Mitchell Mauser as excellent rating.

  3. i wonder if those are the same ones that a guy on Pawn Stars tried to sell. The Pawn shop said “no thanks, no market”

  4. I remember when I was young my dad had like three of these, he sold them all, but if I can remember right he had a BAR, M1 Garand, and an Browning 1919. I might be remembering wrong but I can definitely remember that they weighed a ton (for a child).

  5. Dear Ian
    In my youth (1960’s)there was a gun shop in Homer NY that had one of those in one window and a 200% M1919 in the other.
    Then to tantalize inside on top of a wall cabinet was PTRS- Korean war bring back. To further excite young minds
    hanging from the ceiling were numerous goodies such as Sten Guns and MP44s. I loved the place – bought an RIC Lee Enfield there in 1967.
    By the way I checked with the German women across the street regarding Herr Dieckman – it is pronounced DEEK – Man. Do you have an
    address for him in AZ ? I am terribly inept at computer finding people. I still remember how good his voice was in my Coffee House.

    Yours John Bric

  6. Heh, if only this had been available when you were getting ready for the Run-n-Gun….and had been closer to April Fools Day.

  7. I have seen these a few times over the years, mostly at OLD gun shops, most recently a full set in Virginia near DC. They were priced fairly high, a couple of thou though if I had disposable $$ I would surely fill my dog house with them. Very cool. Love fully understanding & seeing the ‘mechanics’ of function.

  8. My first thought on seeing the photo was that Mr Browning had secretly developed a 50 cal BAR for time travellers to hunt T Rex. Then I thought I was nuts as it was clearly in something like .60 at least.

    The reality was (almost) as cool. I would love one of those for myself, although I would have no where to put it. Still a cool piece of history and someone is going to get something really interesting for his gun room.

  9. I’ve only ever seen one of those on the wall at Roberts. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s folded the tent, although he seemed to be a little under the weather the last time I visited him a couple years ago. His Sho Kusogi posters were still in the same place as the were in 1988, the last time I had visited him!

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