Now Available: VHS-2 w/ 20-inch Barrel (aka Springfield Hellion)

Springfield Armory is now importing a version of the the VHS-2 bullpup (commercially named the Hellion here in the US) with a 20-inch barrel. This is the barrel length used in the most common military pattern of the rifle, the VHS-2D. In addition, Springfield’s semiauto configuration has the proper military muzzle device, barrel rings for the rifle grenade launcher, and a bayonet lug which fits the standard military bayonet for the VHS-2. This is a pretty cool new option for folks who are interested in the Hellion as a copy of a current-service military rifle.

The next thing you will need for a proper clone is a VHS magazine well and some of the proprietary VHS-2 magazines…


  1. So there’s a VHS-2K version, is there a video explanation or is it a SBR ? Cool Rifle, I like the 20” version. So with the grenade launcher pinned back it’s set for the longest distance per Ian ?

  2. Just a comment on proprietary magazines: my CZ 600 Trail in 7.62×39 uses CZ Bren 2 magazines which often take a bit of modification to make fit. The .223 version of this gun uses STANAG magazines with no issues that I have heard of.

    • claims that
      Models presented in 2008 showed the VHS being STANAG magazine compatible. This was changed shortly after to accept HK G36 magazines. The reason was because the Croatian military has more G36s (which the VHS will replace) than M16-type rifles.
      so answer seems to be that to use item already present in supply system of intended user.

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