My Favorite Chinese Warlord Pistol: the Luger Grip Type

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My favorite pattern of domestic Chinese pistol form he Warlord Era is the one I have termed the “Luger Grip Type”. The Luger was not a very common pistol in this period in China, and it is rare to see elements of it copied on Chinese designs. This pattern, however, very specifically uses the grip angle and style of the Luger, as well as its front sight. This particular one even has Luger-type wooden toggle magazine floor plates. This is also a very cool example because it includes two magazines and an original holster.

Mechanically, the Luger Grip Types are simple blowback, chambered for the 7.63mm Mauser cartridge. The design of the slide, hammer, and rear sight are largely based on the C96 Mauser. As a class, they are generally well made pistols, with rear sights that are actually separate parts and movable, although generally without actual locking notches in the rear sight bar. This example has a pseudo-date type of serial number, and a manual safety that simply doesn’t work.


  1. Well made pistol indeed.

    Take down seems resembling to Belgian “Melior” or German “Franz Stock” pistols… First disangage the separate breechblock and get it out and… Drive the slide out…

    7,63 Mauser ammo needs roughly 450 grams of slide weight with a barrel like this for secure blowback and this pistol’s seems having lesser value than that… It would still works safely but with terrible recoil and some deformation at case at the neck section…


  2. At least you waited to post until most of those ordering copies have theirs. The fundraising email I just got said there were some folks remaining, which is sad.

  3. *The “WauseR” t-shirt and patch are already in the merch pipeline assuredly.
    *The post compliments the book.
    *RE: 7.63 Mauser blowback & c. – they made them, they were used in armed conflict, they continued to make them in a time of conflict. If they were deadlier to the shooter than the target, presumably Pistols of the Warlords would have been a pamphlet, not a 555 page book.

  4. It’s said of moonshiners that they don’t make their product to drink, they make it to sell. Same with guns of this type.

    • A fascinating topic, these old pistols I have lived in China many years. On TV the warlords Nationalists and Reds ALL use Broom handle Mausers (held sideways like gangbangers.) They need bigger budgets and technical advisors

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