‘Murican 2-Gun: M1918A3 BAR and M1911A1

Today I’m taking a brand new Ohio Ordnance M1918A3 semiauto BAR to the 2-gun match, along with a Tisas M1911A1 clone. The BAR is the WW2 configuration, but I followed the footsteps of many a US GI and took off the bipod (and it didn’t come with a carry handle). That reduces the weight a bit from the very beefy 19 pounds the WW2 BAR tipped the scales at. Even so, it’s still like running a shoulder rifle with a second rifle strapped to it…

It was a fun match, even if I did place very near the bottom of the scores!


  1. Makes me think that the BAR is strictly a full-auto fire suppression gun. Spray enough bullets until you hit something.

  2. Thank you Ian! Sure does an ol guy good to see someone(you) actually doing the things I was once trained to do! The BAR was a mythical beast in my world of 1950s NZ but we actually made do with a Bren! (from the shoulder you had to be STRONG! she was AMAZINGLY ACCURATE! . Thanks again gives a bit of a lift to know folks who can actually do stuff are still around.

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