Municion L.M.P. 1889: Paris Commune to Spanish Civil War

Thanks to Staghounds for the invaluable help researching this episode! The French Municion Lancée à la Main Pierre is one of the little-known French infantry weapons of the Great War. Originally developed as a man-portable version of the Municion Trébuchet Bloc de Rocher 1873, it would be progressively simplified and used in large numbers throughout World War One. It would prove so successful that both German and Russian copies were made, the Großessteinstück Leutezuwerfen Art 18 and Разве ты не хочешь взять в руки рок-товарища партии.


  1. I think I found one in my garden, do you have the markings and serials of the different patterns of LMP?

  2. I fell for this. The delivery was just too credible. Tres credible! Were red pants part of the tactic?

  3. Amazing! Especially keeping a straight face through it all. I watched it all the way through waiting for you to say; “they just picked it up and pitched it over to the German trench hoping to hear an ACH#@!” Loved it.

  4. I wouldn’t have let on it was an April fools at the end. Should have just done your usual and thanked contributers.
    But otherwise very well played sir.

  5. Like many French weapons a variant of a foreign design. Check the much earlier work of Rubble and Flintstone.

  6. In our area of France the locals grew tobacco for the state and for themselves. They used a device that looked like a small trench mortar with an internal piston to compact the weed and a slicing blade was threaded on to the muzzle
    I had one of these in the bar of my brewery with an old 50 cl beer bottle in it
    We used to tell people that in 1918 when the germans were running out of munitions they used this device to launch beer bottles full of gasoline
    And of course everybody believed us

  7. was used unfortunately with success in May 1968 (one police officer killed by pavement)
    But good Idea, vevetheless still some problems with the french lenguage

  8. We need to honor the transport troops who got these items to the front. A wheelbarrow full of LMPs, racing to the trenches to arrive ahead of the oncoming Germans.

  9. That was fun! Was looking forward to pictures of the chalk version with the wooden handle.

  10. I normally dispise april fool’s jokes, but this was great!! You sold it so well!
    Thanks for the great content as always!!

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