Morphy’s Final Prices Fall 2019: Simply Sumptuous Subguns

With the Morphy’s fall 2019 auction now complete, it’s time to take a look at what the market says guns are worth. This time, it’s mostly submachine guns – with an interesting mix of transferrable and pre-samples.


  1. There were a couple pre-sample (dealer) samples in this sample that did not sell; but transferable versions of the same gun did. I am curious as to whether that’s just random, or because you pick the dealer sample of a gun if a transferable version is also on offer in the same auction?

  2. That “Deer gun” was a steal at that price. They’re so rare that we don’t even know how many are still around.

    Over 100.000$ for the MP40 was kinda crazy. If not for the fact that it’s a rare prototype. Can’t imagine many of them are still around!

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