More Russian Manuals

I have a couple more French guns queued up for next week, but it’s been a few days since I added a manual to the library. I was going to post a DsHK 38 manual, but thanks again to Max Popenker, we also have a pretty neat 1972-vintage RPG-7 manual as well.

Some trig with your explosives?

I don’t know of many RPGs here in the US, but there’s a lot of interesting info in that manual. As for the DsHK, we’ve had a couple batches of kits imported, and I know some of you folks have built yourself working guns from them. Hopefully this manual will be useful, or at least a neat addition to the gun.

DsHK 38 Manual (Russian)

(1972) RPG-7 Manual (Russian)

I’ve listed them along with all the other manual we have available for download on the Original Manuals page of the Vault…

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