Mini-Beryl: The Carbine Version of the Polish wz.96

Yesterday we looked at the standard Polish service rifle, the wz.96 Beryl. Today we have the carbine version, the Mini-Beryl. Specifically, we have an early example, predating several of the mid-life improvements that were made by the time the first major contract for the Mini-Beryl was placed.


  1. You mentioned that this carbine came from Radam. Is this the same factory that produced the P-35?
    Great video, keep up the great work.

  2. I can see pretty good fit and finish. Apparently Polish industry updated its mfg. machinery park by that time.

  3. Ian, sorry to correct you, but this is not “double-you-zee”

    Polish ‘wz’ sounds like ‘voo-zet’

    (I know it’s strange, but that’s how it sounds)

    ppor. turpin

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