MG34 Trigger Group Video

We spent some time with Greg from Allegheny Arsenal (aka a little while back, and one of the things we went over was disassembly and reassembly of the MG34 trigger group. When you get one in a parts kit, it’s often loaded up with cosmoline and needs a thorough cleaning…so here’s how to do it:

Greg can supply you with all manner of supplies for your MG34, including spare parts, manuals, belt loaders, barrels, and complete dummy guns – plus lots of other military gun parts. So head over to his site, and tell him you heard about him at Forgotten Weapons!


  1. Some of the early MG.34 grip frames have large circular cuts under the grips which seem to be intended for an escarpment type burst fire assembly. Has anyone ever seen the MG.34 burst fire components? This seems to have been the first attempt at a burst fire mechanism and it appears that the HWA abandoned this effort soon after adoption of the MG.34.

    • Lidschun & Wollert say that early-production MG34 had a ROF regulator (not a burst mechanism) in the grip, ranging from 600 to 1000 rpm.
      No diagram, though.

  2. No wonder the Germans only nearly won the war. The trigger group of the MG34 alone looks like it needs depot level armorers to do a simple spring replacement.

  3. Still, that is one job I would not want to do in a water-logged trench with the red hoards just across the way.

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