MAC Operational Briefcase

This MAC briefcase, gun, and suppressor are lot #1063 at Morphy’s April 2019 auction.

If a swanky outfit like H&K can make an “Operational Briefcase” with a submachine gun hidden inside it, then you can bet Military Armament Corporation is going to do the same! MAC made these briefcases for both the M10 and M11 submachine guns, and made a shortened suppressor for the M10 pattern guns to fit. They actually have a distinct advantage over the H&K type by fitting a gun with suppressor – but a distinct disadvantage in the exposed trigger bar on the bottom of the case, with no safety device of any kind.

Note: Possession of the briefcase with a semiauto MAC-type pistol that fits it is potentially seen as constructive possession of an AOW.A machine gun can be legally fitted in the case, but a semiauto pistol in it is considered a disguised weapon, and thus requires registration as an AOW.


  1. Back in the days when Sony Walkman headphones used to leak really annoying sound.

    A friend and I were planning to rig up a magnetron from a microwave oven, with appropriate microwave optics and a power supply, in a briefcase for use on train journeys.

    Technology has moved on, we now have lithium batteries that could make the idea more practical.

    And we have better earplugs that don’t leak sound, so the idea of an anti Walkman ray gun in a briefcase is irrelevant.

    I’ve got to wonder with an smg in a briefcase, how likely an assassin is to get away, with a telltale whisp of smoke and the reek of the burnt propellant issuing from the case?

    And what about the rattling and tinkling of the ejected empties?

  2. As I understand it, people who send assassins don’t care if they get away after completing their task. Or maybe even want them “disposed” of.
    For assassins who want to get away, I understand the drill is drop the weapon and blend in with the chaotic crowd (like LHO apparently did.) So a briefcase SMG, while originally conceived to prevent assassination, might useful in committing one of it allows the BY to get close to the intended victim.

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