1. Not only did Rem Arms survive another 500 years, but Imperial units triumph over Metric in the future! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ian!

    • The caws is an upside down regular ass pump shotgun with special features making it easier to handle with body armor. It is not “special” except for its really big bore, (which was mostly to handle situations in which people would be wearing body armor anyway). Also there are situations where a regular ass shotgun is better than a machine gun sometimes. (my personal take away was that one of them is home defense, so if you bought a pistol for home defense you might be a cosplayer and you don’t get to make fun of them. Hashtag tacticool and eanshatsareawesome)

  2. Maybe you’ve done this too long? ;-D Keeping in character while performing straight-man humor and dreaming up credible rationalizations came all to easily to you.

    There could be some Thermians out there you have convinced that they’ve discovered a new historical record from the Humans!

  3. in confused. your previous video dual pistol grip shotguns you say is stupid and useless. yet you use THIS in the exact same way. so much hypocrisy on here nowadays.

    besides that, this is just stupid.

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