Lynx Brutality Day 1: From Slovenia With Love

Welcome to Lynx Brutality! This is a 2-gun Brutality match organized by Polenar Tactical and run at the Lynx Pro Training Center in Kočevje, Slovenia. It’s got kettlebells, weight bags, a tower, tires, ballistic shield, and more. I am shooting it with a semiauto FAMAS (courtesy of Fab from Bloke on the Range) and an Arex Delta (courtesy of Samo at Polenar). And I’m doing the whole match in a 3-piece suit, because I thought that would be a fun change of pace! 🙂

So, let’s dive into what I think is the most fun kind of shooting competition out there! Today will be the four stages of Day 1, and tomorrow we will have the 4 stages from Day 2…


  1. It’s fun to hear Ian’s relaxed, amused narration while watching him gallop around and up and down, heaving tires, hitting the dirt, and ruining his nice 3-piece suit.

    Some outstanding shooting, too. Now at last I understand the built-in bipod on the FAMAS and some other rifles.

  2. I assume shooting a tactical match in a three-piece suit was Ian’s way of auditioning for a role in the next “John Wick” movie.

  3. With the facial hair, long flowing hair and the suit Ian reminds me of the legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickock. Introducing Wild Ian McCollum- the next great gunfighter. He really is.

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