Lynx Brutality 2023 Day 1 – Kettlebells and Electrocution

It’s time for Lynx Brutality 2023! Polenar Tactical presented this match again at the Lynx Pro Training Center in Slovenia, and they outdid themselves. It was a really excellent match, with both great physical challenges and good shooting challenges, well run and with a group of shooters who were uniformly fun and friendly.

I ran this year with a low-profile sort of rig – Varusteleka’s new Low Visibility Plate Carrier, elastic cummerbund magazine pouches, an Arex Delta L pistol borrowed form Polenar and a Rerun X16 rifle borrowed form Tinck Arms (its manufacturer). Both guns ran perfectly, I am happy to report, using Sellier & Bellot ammo.

The first five stages today include Electric Boogaloo, which is seriously in the running for best Brutality match stage yet… 🙂

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  1. This shows the importance of Clint Smith’s dictum: I want you to be a student of weaponscraft — you never know if the gun you’re going to be fighting with will be yours. It could be a “battlefield pickup” as in your guns. FANTASTIC MATCH. A++ for effort, Ian.

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