Luger self-loading rifle

Not to be confused with the various models of Luger carbines produced in 9x19mm, this is an experimental self-loading rifle designed by Georg Luger for the German military. It uses the same toggle-lock action as his famous pistol, but is scaled up and chambered for the 8mm Mauser cartridge.

We only have a couple auction photos at the moment, but hopefully we can unearth some more detailed information about the design.

Luger rifle

See the complete gallery here in the Vault.


  1. Hey Ian why don’t you do a piece on an old German schuetzen rifle? Though not a military rifle a lot of them were brought back by GI’s after the civilian population was disarmed after WWII. A lot of them are now coming on the market as the GI owners are now passing away. Some of them are really nice and well made with elaborate engraving. I bought one out of an estate a little while ago and it’s a very nice one by the Greifelt company of Suhl made in the early 1900’s. I enjoy your videos good luck!

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