Looking for a Bergmann 1910?

I’ve always had a crush on the Bergmann 1910 pistol, and I’ve posted about them enough that people looking to sell them often seem to find my comments. Today, for example, I have a gun shop in Texas – Outlaw Guns – that has one on consignment from a customer. Randy there sent me a few photos, but it’s not something I can afford to buy at the moment. If you’ve been looking for one yourself, here’s a possibility…the seller is asking $1800, although I expect there is probably a bit of wiggle room in that.

You can reach Outlaw Guns at 575-937-3117 (probably not until Tuesday, though), or by email at QUESK9S@aol.com. As always, caveat emptor – I haven’t actually handled this pistol myself, and can’t vouch for any detail about it. But they are elegant looking, aren’t they?

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  1. An old beauty. The first auto pistol adopted by the Spanish Army… and the most short-lived: only 3 years. It never served well during the Rif War: too prone to stoppages and breakages of the rear part of the slide. So they decided to replace it with a more strong design: A STRAIGHT BLOWBACK Campogiro!!! (Not so cute, but at least this one was solid and durable, and ate all 9 Largos with no problems)

  2. Always thought the Bergmann was a very attractive piece. It has the look of a target pistol more than a military arm….


  4. An old beauty.The Greek Army after the end of the 2nd Balkan War ordered to the Belgian gun manufactured Pieper ( Anciens Etablissements Pieper, Herstal) a mumber of Bergmann-Bayard mod. 1908 pistols in 9mm Bayard(9X23). Unfortunately the German invasion in Belgium canceled the order and the guns never delivered.

  5. Looking at video, came over to same realization – weight forward helps stability. This design should be revived, in some form, most likely in 9mm Luger. It ends up little longer than today’s common layout, but so what.

      • I wonder if there is an ‘official’ owner of original documentation. If it can be tracked in some legal way and obtained. There is always a shortcut solution (measure an copy), but I do not see it as imminently gainful.

    • It certainly has the layout of a rapid fire target pistol. I’ve never handled a Bergman, but I bet that with good sights it would be a pleasure to shoot.

      I wonder whether Emilio Ghisoni ever produced a centre fire semi auto in this layout – like he did with an early Mateba revolver?

  6. wasn’t this pistol used in the opening scenes (Bar shootout) of “Big Jake” (1971) by Patrick Wayne???


  7. o´dear what a confution
    spain broght 3200 bergmann-bayard model 1908 they were used by GuardaCcivil op to late 50ies
    Greese used models 1908, 1910 and model 1912.
    The germans used model 1910 and 1912, some with holster stock
    The danes brought 4840 model 1910 pistols in Belgiom, from 1921 to 1935 2/3 , was converted to model 1910/21, from1922 to 1925,this mmodel 1910/21, was produced by the danes.
    Any other Bergmann questions?

    • Thanks for the link Denny, details photos reveals it’s disconnecting mechanism
      is of “Escaping” type. That the trigger and hammer connection is unengaged once
      with each trigger release. This prevents hammer follow which might cause auto
      firing, but not prevents a battery off discharge. Very important lack for a
      locked breech handgun using powerfull round. Mauser C96 of even former design
      has positive kind of disconnector preventing hammer release until the breechbolt
      being completely locked.

  8. Hi,
    I owned once a lot of these guns – both belgian and danish made. They were beatifully made and really intresting pieces. Well incase – still got some accesoiry left – original – which in this case are really hard to find – like original lanyard cord, loading clip and cleaning rod – addition to this I got holster and extra mag left – incase somebody is intrested in….

  9. @michael, i keep wondering , can you explain what the Californian idea is to make it a forbidden assault weapon? I even think until this year may it was free to own in Belgium….

    • It’s a semiauto with the magazine forward of the grip. In an effort to target things like Tec-9s, California declared that to be an “assault pistol”. Caught up a fair number of Olympic style pistols too, I believe.

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