Lewis info, and some site changes

Okay, I promised I’d be posting some Lewis gun documentation – and I’ve got it ready for you today. There’s a very nice selection – some in English, some in Russian, brief handbooks, detailed manuals, big cutaway plates, you name it. In fact, there are enough (eleven manuals in all) that instead of listing them all here, I’m going to point you to the new Lewis Gun page in the Vault.

And that brings me to today’s other point. We have enough information backed up waiting to be posted that we would like to make this more than just a blog about interesting guns. We would like to have Forgotten Weapons become something of an in-depth online encyclopedia of firearms development – both the work that led to iconic and well-known firearms and the dead ends that are mostly forgotten. To that end, we are going to expand the content in the Vault, so that each gun will have a centralized and easily accessibly reference page instead of a series of blog posts.

In addition, we’re making a couple other additions to the site. You may have noticed the advertisement for Lucky Gunner up in the rightcorner – they have offered to help sponsor our video work by supplying ammunition (at least when we are using ammo that is still commercially available). If you would like to help support the site, you can do so by ordering from Lucky Gunner when you need ammunition – we will make a small commission off any purchase.

We are interested in adding another one or possibly two sponsors to the site as well – if you would like your firearms business to get exposure to the audience of serious gun enthusiasts that read Forgotten Weapons regularly, please contact us at admin@forgottenweapons.com . The more the site can support us, the more time we can devote to unearthing and publishing data for you folks.

Finally, we have added a blogroll to the right column of the site. It is in two sections – blogs we read and enjoy (which can be both technical and political), and sites with high-quality research information about various firearms. If you know of a good research site (covering either a wide variety of guns or a small niche) we don’t have listed, please let me know, and we will add it to the list. Our mission is to make information more accessible, and that means posting information ourselves and also pointing folks to other resources out on the net.


  1. GREAT !!!!
    All you want to add is awesome! I just enjoy seeing one of my favorite places in net getting on a new , even better level !!!

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