Land Mines & Casualty Care: Finnish Brutality 2023 Day 1

It’s time for Finnish Brutality 2023! This year the match is back and better than ever, with a new “Breacher” division for those seeking extra punishment. In addition to wearing armor and kit (minimum 12kg/26lb), Breacher includes a 3-10 minute physical challenge after each stage just to spice things up.

I opted to run the match this year with my left-handed G3 with an ACOG and a SIG M18 with the new Romeo M17 red dot. Full videos on both are coming once my guns get back from Finland (courtesy of Polaris Logistics), but the short version is that they both ran very well and gave me no significant problems.

Finnish Brutality is run by Varusteleka, Europe’s premier military and outdoor gear company – which also has great inexpensive shipping to the US. If you need gear that’s tough enough for the Finnish winter, look no further than:

0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Stage 1: Kasarda Offroad
3:23 – Breacher Evolution 1: Foxhole
6:03 – Stage 2: Watch Your Step
7:44 – Breacher Evolution 2: Pushups
9:47 – Stage 3: Hardcore Recondo
12:58 – Breacher Evolution 3: Paratrooper Burpees
15:50 – Stage 4: Medic!
18:15 – Breacher Evolution 4: Window Entry
19:22 – Stage 5: Light It Up
21:47 – Breacher Evolution 5: Sandbags


  1. So how does Ian have the physical conditioning to do this when his job is to sit down at a computer all day writing up stuff?

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