Korriphila HSP-701: A Masterful Bespoke German Pistol

The Korriphila HSP-701 is a boutique luxury pistols designed by Edgar Budischowsky in the late 1970s, which entered production in 1984. It uses a fixed barrel and roller-delayed blowback action with a single roller below the line of the bore. Available in a variety of calibers per customer order (although most were made in .45 ACP) and both 4” and 5” barrel lengths, the Korriphila is more often compared to the Korth semiauto pistols. Both are extremely high-end guns, made by hand to exacting standards. 


  1. Any specific magazine pattern, or did Edgar feel obliged to re-invent that as well?
    As to “why?”, I would tend to rule out status symbol. The average person modestly informed about firearms would be apt to assume, on first glance, that this is some CZ or other Browning HP knock-off.
    Cool op system, tho. If I were spec’ing the ideal auto pistol, rigid barrel would be an element.

  2. Very well designed and made pistol but having a weakness of having internal extractor since, it would be a nightmare to take down the gun with a sticked live round in the chamber. IMHO…

      • The front tip of extractor might be made protruding outward and should a live round remaining sticked in the chamber, that front tip might be forced outside to release the case .for safe take down.. IMHO…

        • Carefully watching the video shows that, Mr Budischowsky had also thought about the live ammo sticking in the chamber .. At such a happening, user first to press in the bolt release lever as freeing it from the slide and second to draw the slide back as exposing the front section of bolt with extractor… There is a notch at the top of front of exfractor and it seems it was cut to force out the extractor hook from sticked case with a pointed hard object… If this done, the gun goes free to easily dismounted… Hats off Mr. Budischowsky…

  3. By the way, since the gun already having a firing pin safety at back working as firing pin retainer plate at same time, the sliding lever at the bolt’s left should not be a “Battery Off Safety”… It seems working as a bolt bounce preventer as found in G3 rifles named as “Bolt Rebound Lever”… IMHO…

    • If you’re relying on somebody else to clean and service the weapon you might have to bet your life on, you’re doing it wrong.

      Sidearm or dangerous game rifle, it’s all the same thing.



    • It might be easier following such a way for “Field Stripping”; With the magazine inserted, draw the slide and lock back, pull the dismount latch downward and hold, slightly draw the slide to dismount point and take out… Dismounting the bolt from slide should not be necessary for field stripping… It should be considered in “Detailed take down”… IMHO…

  4. I do not know anything about their operational properties…
    But, for a pistol for the price of five Glocks, all those cogs and pins sticking out, loose joints and a mediocre finish…
    For me personally, it’s completely incomprehensible what all this noise is about.
    IMHO – naked show-off.

    • Some things have inflated value by price alone, like auctions for paintings or whatever else, but there is no basis in materials amd workmanship for such price. This was probably made to impress the gun folks around the owner, as non gun people would not see the difference (as stated before)- its not like you see mercedes benz or porsche compared to some regular car off the street, its not that drastic difference in looks.

  5. There is no doubt about it.
    There really is no difference.
    Another thing is unclear.
    How is this pistol so different from, say, the Glock, that it would be so much more expensive?
    Is it more powerful?
    Maybe more reliable?
    You don’t need to aim from it or does it recognize friendly targets on its own?
    Is he playing music or giving the shooter tactical advice or telling jokes?
    I would also understand if it were a beautiful toy that you want to take in your hands and don’t want to release…
    Nothing like this.

    If everything is the same, why pay more?..

    • By the way, about anecdotes.
      There are two nouveau riches.
      Cool tie. How much did you give?
      Two hundred bucks.
      ???… You are fool! On the next street, exactly the same, you can take four hundred.

  6. I think Budischowsky would be pronounced “Budishovski”. Seems Polish to me, at least in origin.

    I have a copy of a fairly ancient “Guns & Ammo Guide to Guns for Home Defense” published in 1975 ($3.95), which has a listing in it for the Budischowsky TP-70 .25 automatic pistol, at $110. That was the only mention of Budischowsky pistols I think I have seen before this one. For comparison, a Bauer .25 auto was listed at $79.95 and a Colt Combat Commander at $149.50, so the little Budischowsky was clearly a class act.

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