Just How Bad Is It? Vektor CP-1 at the BUG Match

Yesterday we looked at the history and the mechanics of the Vektor CP1, and today I’m taking it out to the monthly BackUp Gun Match. It isn’t a pistol with a good reputation, but it’s also not a pistol very many people gave a fair shake to. It has a decent grip, pretty decent sights, a fixed barrel, and a single-action trigger. So it might actually do pretty well…


  1. I’ve got to admit that I took the gunzine gossip of 20 years ago as fact…

    it’s interesting to know that it’s actually a fairly good little pistol.

    I’ve sent links to both posts to friends in South Africa

    I’m reminded of a recent meme;

    Them: “you won’t believe what was just on the news”

    Me: “True ”

    i suppose the lesson is to stay loyal to the foil

  2. [OFF-TOPIC so ignore if you wish]
    Recently RUGER unveiled new revolver for using .22 Hornet cartridge
    it has capacity 8 and its’ weight is 66 Oz. Outer diameter of barrel seems quite big for .22 caliber, why is it? Was that done in order to increase mass as otherwise felt recoil would be unbearable to users? Their technology is not in power to do barrels of lesser diameter?

    • Many years ago, I HAD to have a Taurus Raging Hornet, another gigantic revolver chambered in that little round. I couldn’t fire an entire cylinder without so much case set-back the cylinder would stop rotating after 3 rounds. Of course, that revolver may have just suffered from being a Taurus, but I do wish Ruger better luck with having a functional product.
      This reminds me of another missed financial opportunity (like my AutoMag, AMT .50AE, etc) where I was happy to get rid of it for what I bought it for, but now I see them on GunBroker for $4000+.

  3. I thought that they’d used .22 hornet in a revolver before?

    I really appreciate .22 Hornet, but I gather that (like .30 Carbine), it’s a very noisy disappointment out of a short barrel.

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