1. Great Pictures ! Thanks !
    Wow it’s number 50 !
    The spring around the barrel…what is it for? First I thought the gun short/long recoil operated and the spring is to bring the barrel to it’s forward position…but then I looked at the bolt and didn’t see any locking mechanism and the bolt looks quite heavy, so it must be simple blowback operated.
    Is it just a cheap barrel jacket…for cooling the barrel???

  2. The weird thing is that forward barrel spring is heavier than that recoil spring? Several years ago, Amex out in Nevada sold some as parts kits about the same price as Sten’s

    • I’m wondering about the front spring too – my one guess is that it allows the barrel to travel forward slightly when the bolt is fully forward. That slight forward motion of the barrel could change the dynamics of a gun based on advanced primer ignition. Maybe something like a Blish lock in the Thompson, that was included in the design but ultimately found to be unnecessary?

  3. In my opinion, that wire wound around the barrel is not a spring, but serves as an improvised radiator – a cheaper alternative to ribbed barrels found on Tommy-guns and some other automatic weapons.

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