Introducing the BD-38: A New Production Copy of the German MP-38

There has never been a proper semiauto version of the MP40 available in the US, until now. SSD (Sport-Systeme Dittrich) is a German company that has been making semiauto copies of German WW2 small arms for quite some time, and they now have a US partner in the DK Production Group. They plan to release a variety of different rifles here, and chose to begin with the MP-38.

The MP-38 was the initial production version of what became the MP-40. It had a few distinctive differences from the much more common later model, notably the fluted lightening cuts on the receiver and the lack of a proper safety mechanism. Only about 42,000 MP-38s were made before production changed to the improved MP-40, and original configuration ones are extremely rare today.

The semiauto BD-38 is an extremely good copy of the MP-38. Despite being redesigned a bit internally to use a hammer and fire from a closed bolt, it matches the handling and feel of the original very well. It is chambered for 9×19, of course, and uses the original MP38/MP40 magazine (and DK Production makes and sells new magazines). I got mine SBR’d immediately upon receipt so that I could install a proper stock on it, but it is sold in pistol configuration so that one does not need to go through the NFA process. Mine has been reliable – which is really should be, considering the remarkably high price – and fills a long-standing hole in available WW2 small arms. I’m looking forward to seeing future releases from DK as well!


  1. I heard the part of the intro stating that there’d be an explanation why they went with the 38 over the [both simpler and more popular] 40; did I miss something?

    • “(…)miss something?” claims that
      Where the larger parts of the MP38 consisted completely of machined parts the larger parts of the MP40 only had the barrel and the bold machined.
      So if they are better versed with machining, rather than technology used in MP40, former is less risky option.

      • It is machined, just in a lot fewer steps than the 38. It’s not the usual-German “fifty weird swooping curves and dimples” stamping that’s impossible without complex dies and presses.

    • I just don’t think he got around to it. That, or it was cut because of Ian’s obscenity-laden rant about the 2019 Cardinals. But probably the first option.

  2. A few years back you had a range set up to compare PCCs to each other on the same course of fire. It would be interesting to see how this compares to an MP5 or some of the others.

  3. The SSD series of looks-like-a-machine pistol in 9mm and 7.92×33 Kurz were prohibited in Canada about 15 yrs ago. Too close to the original for the RCMP forensics lab techs. Be careful on the QC for SSD guns. Their BD42 Type 1 and 2 are amazing, except the warranty returns were awful for the distributors.

  4. How suitable would this thing be for a suppressor? Now that it fires from a closed bolt and has a convenient, threaded muzzle, it seems like a natural progression.

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