Howa Type 89

Not all interesting and obscure guns are a century old – there are plenty of guns in common use today that are not well known. One such gun is the Howa Type 89. It is the replacement for the Howa Type 64. If the 64 was the Japanese answer to the M14, the Type 89 was the followup answer to the M16.

Howa had a license to produce Armalite AR18 rifles, and the Type 89 was largely based on that design. The stamped receiver, gas piston, and bolt configuration are all very similar to the AR18. Howa made magazines for the Type 89 with witness holes, though they were interchangeable with NATO standard magazines.

Howa Type 89

On the Howa Type 89 page in the Vault, we have some good detailed photos of both the internals and external details. Take a look!


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