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So, who can tell me what all of these weapons are? And what they have in common?

Continue on for details…

Yep, if guessed roller locking, you are correct. The machine gun at the bottom is of course an MG42, the first successful roller locked firearm. The rifles are in chronological order, from left to right:

Gerat 03 – Roller locked variant of the G43
Gerat 04 – A 7.92×33 Kurz version of the Gerat 03
Gerat 06 – Gas operated, roller locked, stamped receiver assault rifle
Gerat 06H – Retarded roller locked, stamped receiver assault rifle, produced as the StG45
CETME – Scaled up retarded, roller locked rifle, developed in Spain – the first mass-production gun in the family
HK91 – The refined version of the CETME
HK93 – The 91 was pretty popular, so why not sell it in 5.56mm too?
MP5 – The standard against which all modern submachineguns are judged
And hiding down in the back, the CZ52 pistol. Because the Czechs just couldn’t use what the Russians told them to.

There aren’t that many different ways to design repeating firearms, and it’s neat to be able to see a pretty complete lineage of a particular design all at once.


      • Normally, I wouldn’t point it out, but considering the content of your website, I figured it would be prudent.

        I find it ironic that the Germans were looking for a cheap and easy way to produce assault rifles towards the end of WWII, yet in practice the roller-delayed-blowback (RDBB) system of operation has proven to require close attention to tolerances, clearances and mechanical ratios. It’s possible the system was less touchy when used with the low-power, low-pressure 7.92×33 cartridge, however.

  1. Funny, the Germans would overdevelope a certain part of the Maybach Tiger tank engine yet altogether the Tiger broke down all the time. The Germans wanted to mass produce the V-2 rocket yet they arrested its developer, Werner Von Braun. The Me262 wasn’t used to bring down the U.S. four engine bombers until it was too late and the Germans insisted on using the slow and cumbersome Mauser bolt action or the MG42 with a ridiculous cyclic rate of 1500. They never sought balance. I guess they never really wanted to win….

  2. Hi again;
    Lots of people think that the MP-5 is the best sub-gun around, but as the proud ex-owner of a M-2/3 Carbine in 7.62X33, I claim it is not even close. You should do a shoot off between the two, one of these days. You must include the full auto feature and ranges over 150 meters, both areas that the MP-5 can not touch the M-2/3 Carbine. Then for extra measure, try 300 or more meters range. If you ignore the full auto feature, it is just another carbine and a wimpy one at that. Think Ruger .44 Magnum carbine! Just for fun.

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