1. Wooow !!! That gas piston is really HUGE !!! Bigger are only car engine pistons 🙂

    Great video…Great gun…Bravo Ian !!! 🙂

  2. All components are bulky,
    this is explain of complecation of disassembly and operation of weapon..
    No wonder why it was replaced by Breda or Browning..
    Its components are size of motorcycle or portable steam engine works..

  3. Is it true that the law from 1986 (don’t know the name) basically shut off the import of (sub)machineguns to the USA for collectors? Or could you also import this one as a “sample sale” gun (and try to keep a straight face)? If so, the law in The Netherlands and Belgium could (for the lucky ones that have a specific “museum permit”) be less restrictive than that of the USA.

    A very interesting gun from a period when they hadn’t figured everything out yet. Thanks.

    • The laws in the US are complicated, but basically an average Joe on the street can only buy a machine gun if it was in the country and registered prior to 1986. Anything newer than that (or brought into the country after that) is restricted to licensed dealers.

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