H&K’s New SP5 – A Civilian Semiauto MP5 Pistol

The MP5 is widely regarded as the best submachine gun ever made, and it has been widely copied. But only now has H&K released a semiauto civilian version of it in pistol form. Prior to the AWB, the HK94 was available as a semiauto carbine (with a 16″ barrel), but that was prohibited in 1988. H&K followed it with the SP89 from 1989 until 1993; a semiauto only version of the MP5K (which was originally designed without a stock). Today, with the popularity of arm brace attachments, pistol configuration versions of short carbines and submachine guns have become very popular and H&K is aware of that trend. They reintroduced the SP5K a couple years ago, and now offer the SP5, a semiauto pistol version of the classic MP5.


  1. Why would I buy this over a high end 9mm pistol like a Glock or any of several other great pistols, all priced around $500? Seriously, what is the main benefit, other than looks, that make this a better option?

    • “(…)Seriously, what is the main benefit, other than looks, that make this a better option?(…)”
      Some advantages is that magazine capacity is higher considering standard magazines for both options.

    • Well, what’s the benefit of a reproduction Winchester rolling block rifle over a modern deer gun? People buy such guns for collection, historical value etc etc….MP5 ist an iconic gun, so it stands to reason some people just want one for whatever reason.

  2. Little hard to imagine application for this version. It may not be of practical use for most security services (unless severe limitations for its use apply) and is way too bulky and expensive for pistol shooter, not to mention non-concealability. All considered, it appears as a fancy toy for true HK aficionados.

  3. Recall that in the U.S. one can now buy 2-handed pistols that have “stabilizing braces” instead of buttstocks, which would make such weapons with barrel lengths under 16-in. an NFA “short barreled rifle” and subject to ATF regulations and extra tax forms.

    So now every firearm company is falling over themselves to market a two-handed pistol SMG lookalike with the “arm brace” instead of a stock. HK didn’t want to be left behind, particularly as Turkish-produced and Pakistani-produced pistols like this made on German-produced machinery can be had for far, far less than the SP5 variant.

    SIG has several variants, various other companies, particularly those manufacturing ARs for the soon-to-be-saturated-U.S.-market have hastened their designs, many using Glock pistol magazines, etc.

    Recall that the FBI in the 1980s had MP5SF single-shot-only MP5s with short barrels, but full-size stocks for issue to field agents, using 147gr. JHP ammo from a 30-rd. magazine in a pistol-caliber carbine that would have been a “SBR” for U.S. civilians.

    Who wants to pay the sheer $$$$ for one of these? That is another question.

    • In my humble opinion, the sheer coolness factor of the SP5 does not outweigh the awkwardness of treating it as a pistol. If you want it, you need to pay for it, and H&K stuff does NOT come cheap. And even then, how is the gun to be used? For any place other than a shooting range, it would look odd. Defend your house? Maybe, but it would be a handful to keep on the night-stand. Did I mess up?

      • The only purpose of these “pistols” is to circumvent the law as written. Also the importation of pistols is easier into the USA than complete rifles, because rifles must contain a number of Made in USA parts. You can thank US lawmakers and for this abomination.

  4. Confession time I wanted one of these so bad I once swipped the broken airsoft mp5 of a friends son out of their garbage can just so I could shoot zombies on my computor
    Yes my wife laughed at me

  5. Why does every firearm need “a purpose?” Why can’t we just own a gun because it’s cool, historic or just plain fun to shoot? (Not that this H&K with a brace couldn’t serve as an effective home defense arm.)

  6. If it’s true to the original HK, the sights need a special tool to adjust, the magazines don’t drop free and there’s no last round hold-open.

    So there’s that.

    • So what?
      -AK sights and others also need tools
      -most magazines don’t
      -not in this version no, but the MP5 in 10 mm and .40″ do have a bolt hold open

  7. Are people in these comments really that ignorant to how these “pistols” are made solely to circumvent NFA restrictions on SBRs? Are you people really that unaware of the huge pistol caliber carbine market, and their popular use for home defense? This is not something intended to be carried and concealed like a handgun you goofs. Not to mention the massive legacy of this gun, no duh some people want to own it for zero practical reasons, it’s pure cool factor. Buncha fudds.

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