Futurama’s Lee Lemon Runs the MDP-9 (feat. John McClane)

It’s time for the annual Halloween PCC/shotgun match! By popular demand, I went as Futurama’s Lee Lemon this year, with the Angstadt Arms MDP-9 PCC. Since the last time I was shooting it, I’ve gotten a replacement bolt hold-open to hopefully fix the failures to lock open, and a Wilson Combat “Tactical Trigger Unit” to replace the stock FCG. That new trigger is really good, but unfortunately the replacement hold open actually made things worse – I had several times when the bolt locked open on a loaded magazine, and it still didn’t lock open the one time I ran the magazine dry.

Overall, I placed 24th of 68 shooters, and my friend Jordan (running as shoeless John McClane with an H&K SP-5) placed 14th.


    • Ian is a rock star. Having him show off a company’s firearms is great publicity for the company. But you would think a company would make sure Ian had a product that actually worked.

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