Five Excellent YouTube Gun Channels You Might Not Know About…

While ForgottenWeapons has become a fairly large channel with a lot of visibility, there are plenty of other people out there creating excellent informative video content on historical firearms. Today I want to point out 5 other channels with great material that I enjoy watching, and learn from. They are:

C&Rsenal: Incredible depth on the history and development of World War One firearms
Chris Bartocci: Development of the AR/M16 family of weapons
CapAndBall: Historical black powder guns and shooting from Hungary
BritishMuzzleloaders: Historical and recreation use of Victorian military small arms
Vbbsmyt: Outstanding 3D animated models showing how various machine guns work

And, of course, Forgotten Weapons’ own sister channel, InRangeTV: modern firearms through the lens of history!



  1. Nice review as always.

    Capandball and BritishMuzzleLoaders are a must for black powder addicts.

    You should add Bloke on the Range to your list. This British gentleman living in Switzerland make really informative and entertaining videos. He just started a series on the whole Schmidt-Rubin family of rifles.

    vbbsmyt animations are great but you forgot to mention C&Rsenal own animations with their hypnotic music.

  2. C&Rsenal and BritishMuzzleLoaders! Othias got me to watch someone run a Mad Minute with a SMLE, it was great. Thanks I’ve added 2 subscriptions.

  3. I had just recently discovered Chris Bartocci a couple months ago, I really liked his video on the vietnam era M-16s, not to mention his inside knowledge of Colt.

  4. I think that Ian had better mention in one of his next videos that the audio quality in those clips was his fault, not that of the originals. If not, a lot of people might get the mistaken impression that they quality is poor and not even bother to check for themselves.

    I follow British Muzzle Loaders and the audio and video quality of the original is excellent.

  5. Some of the best information I’ve seen on the subject of reloading for the Martini-Henry was on the British Muzzle Loader Channel. That guy is 100% legit and produces extremely good videos.

  6. Scholagladiatoria focuses on swords rather than firearms, but it’s an excellent channel if your interest in historical weapons and history in general extends beyond firearms. Mat does talk about 19th century firearms on occasion, in the context of describing how they were used with firearms. He does shoot himself, but the focus of his Youtube channel is elsewhere.

    For those people wondering why swords stayed in use for as long as they did, he has a number of videos on that topic. It’s worth going and viewing those ones even if you aren’t interested in the ones on swords.

    The videos are always interesting and the presenter has a very engaging personality. British Muzzle Loaders has good things to say about him as well.

    • I have to second Scholagladiatoria. Matt Easton’s specialty are 19th Century European swords and bayonets, so there is a lot of information for anyone interested in 19th century military tactics. He is also an antiquarian, so he regularly presents real antique swords and bayonets (sometimes attached to antique muskets and rifles) instead of replicas. On top of that he is a HEMA instructor, so he has actually studied historical sabre and bayonet combat manuals and trained according to them, which is about as close to the real thing one can get today. And on, he’s University education is an archaeologist, so he he does not play fast and loose with historical facts.

  7. C&Rsenal. Othais diving as deep as possible into the history of the C&Rs, with the most fabulous gun gal of the internet world, i.e. Mae, actually putting herself into harms way shooting these guns.
    Hmm, Othais only seems to be less harmful than he actually is. Heaven only knows what he’s telling Mae about those guns – more than four to six times older than herself – to make her doing these stunts …

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