1. After watching your video on the M 1922 trainers I decided to bid on one and ended up getting a M 1922 M2 that had a 1917 Remington in the lot with it. The 1922 had a sling on it with some mold and both rifles appeared to have mold on the stocks as well. (have not received them yet) I look forward to cleaning them up and seeing how both shoot.
    Could not be happier with the Rock Island Auction experience, good pictures of the guns in the listing and great communication after the sale.
    Got both rifles for $1,200.00 before fees so real happy about that too!

    • Similar, after watching the 1922 trainer video… I happened on a M2 at my local pawn shop. Needed a mag, but picked it up for $875! Couldn’t be happier. It looked to be SA metal, and the wood had a raritan arsenal stamp.

  2. This old saw still works, one of the main contributors to a high auction price (perhaps the greatest) is having more than one bidder that really wants that firearm.

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