1. Does anyone have any idea where technical drawings of the Nippon Steel toggle lock Pedersen knock off might be obtained? Thank you.

      • Hello Ian,
        Can you be so kind and try to post any information about truly forgottened weapons like Japanese Type 62 NTK machine gun,Italian Socimi or Franchi model 821 submachine gun and all American Ruger MP9 submachine gun….

        There is no information about those guns available at all….
        Even many peoples saying Type 62 NTK machine gun similar to FN Mag it actually aren’t..

      • I expected as much. I wonder though…perhaps I’ll contact the Japanese Embassy. Never can tell; they might be able to put me on to a source.

  2. I’m not sure if you debated this but, I’ll vote for changing the per picture time if/when you want to talk more about a gun. A couple of times a few went by as you were still talking about an earlier one. I’m fine with this being a 5 minute video rather than three.

    Thanks for looking the prices up.

  3. I find it somewhat interesting the VG rifle which is probably the cheapest rifle materials wise sold for four times the Belgian revolver which is likely the most expensive by that measure.

  4. If you were a millionaire, and liked guns, you’d have a big smile on your face after one of these auctions.

  5. I’m curious about what it might cost for a gun manufacturer to create a one-off prototype.

    Because judging by some of the prices, maybe a forward-looking company could create a few *extra* prototypes, store them away for several decades, and then profit. Just a thought.

    • Under normal economic conditions (rather than the current end game of failed Keynesian economic policies),

      Any money that you could only lay your hands on more than about 20 to 25 years in the future – has next to zero present value.

      put another way – even those Walther prototypes with all of their collector appeal as fore runners of the iconic P38, are probably selling for far less money than the cost of manufacture would have made if it had been invested for 80 years with a decent rate of compound interest.

      • Of course these are “values” of highly speculative nature, which do not produce any material backing rather that feel of holding on (I intentionally do not use word “owning”) collectible item of momentary desire.

        You general tone is entertaining and spot on, as usual

  6. You could buy a nice house for the price of that rifle. I wish I had disposable income like that.

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