Favela 2-Gun Action Challenge: Rio BOPE Madsen & Beretta 92

It’s time for the monthly 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, and this time I’m bringing out the Madsen! I’ve rigged it up like the BOPE (Brazilian military police special teams) typically use them, with the flash hider and bipod removed to save weight. It’s still a heck of a gun, weighing in at about 20 pounds (9kg). I’ve paired it up with a Beretta 92FS for the match – that should be a Taurus PT92 for maximum realism, but the Beretta is what I’ve got. For gear, I found some black DPM fatigues and a pretty typical tactical Blackhawk!-type vest. It sure does have a lot of straps and pouches, but no way to carry a spare Madsen magazine…

Spoiler; I took third-to-last place, behind one poor sod who got a ton of penalties somehow and one guy who didn’t complete all four stages. But it was a heck of a lot of fun! And it really reinforced just how badass the BOPE cops who carry these beasts onto real operations are.


    • It’s free (the Brazilian gov’t had a lot of them), it’s reliable, it’s (relatively) short (being recoil operated it’s not too picky about barrel length), it fires a round that can punch through cinder blocks, and (possibly most importantly) with a short barrel in 7.62mm and no flash hider, it’s very loud and makes a big muzzle flash. The morale factor at work!

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