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I don’t have a Forgotten Weapons post for today (I apologize – a couple more weeks and we should be back to our regular schedule), but instead I’m going to give a hearty recommendation to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast. His audio shows are almost more short books than podcasts, being generally 3-4 hours long, and he has a fantastic ability to really bring historic events to life. If you’re reading this blog, I think there is a very high likelihood that you will find Mr. Carlin thoroughly engaging on subjects from the staggering set of coincidences that set World War One into motion (Gavrilo Princip’s consolation sandwich) to the drama of the Germanic tribes first fighting against and then trying to rebuild the Roman empire in the West (the biker gang called Thor’s Angels).

Check them out – you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I am pleased to see tolerance of this web to historical references. Actually, it is hard if not even impossible to avoid ‘history’ while relating to subject which is so much part of it. While saying this I recognize that it is plurality of views, which is key for useful discussion.

  2. The Wrath of the Khans (all five of them) – awesome.

    Ghosts of the Ostfront – incredible – put such a point on the German / Soviet War of 1941-1945.

    Heartily agree.

  3. I did email you re- this but must insist (I know time is a precious commodity etc, sorry)

    After your mention of folk you’d love collaborations with on a Q&A…

    As a long long time listener to HH and now the new shorter form HH Addendum series, Dan would 100% be worth contacting. You’re the internets authority on historic firearms and a published author (:D), at the very least you would fit perfectly into the Addendum series with a short conversation with Dan on whatever your combined minds feel is worth discussion.

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