East Meets West at the BUG Match: CZ’s vz.82

Yesterday we looked at the history and development of the vz.82 pistol; today I am taking it out to the BackUp Gun Match. this should be a pretty competitive pistol in this environment, and it actually meets the characteristics of a backup gun quite well. It is light and compact, but still offers very good controls, excellent accuracy, and a 12-round capacity in a powerful round (9x18mm. Makarov) for a simple blowback action.


  1. Shame it is not legal for sale here. I have two other Czech pistols but cannot have CZ-83 (civilian equivalent of Vz.82). There are two reasons for it: caliber and barrel length. Magazine capacity is another one.

  2. “Simple to take apart.” I beg to differ: Simple to field-strip. The frame is a nightmare of interlinking parts held with pins, and woe unto them who have to replace the dinky little slide stop spring or worse, the combination sear and automatic safety spring, failure of which guarantees you either failure to cock the gun or involuntary double-taps. Wonderfully ergonomic gun when in good condition. Certainly exceptionally well-made. I rather like the enamel finish on the ex-army examples. Here’s complete disassembly:


    Extra problem child:


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