Several of the popular pistols of the very early 1900s were offered by factories in carbine configurations, with 10-14 inch barrels and permanent shoulder stocks (not to be confused with the detachable stock/holsters also made for many of these pistols). In particular, the Luger, Mauser 96, and Mannlicher designs were offered this way. Well, one of our readers asked if carbine versions of the Bergmann pistols were ever made, and I responded that they were not…and it turns out I was not quite correct.

At least a few Bergmann carbines were made, both as pistol-carbines and as dedicated shoulder arms. From we have a photo of one such carbine, wonderfully engraved and accepted with horn and gold inlay:

Bergmann 1907 Carbine

The serial number on this example is 34, and it is marked “TH Bergmann – Gaggenau”, indicating that it was manufactured at Bergmann’s own factory. The top of the bolt is marked “Karabiner Bergmann / Patent Brevete S.G.D.G.”, and – most interesting – the rear of the bolt has a fancy inlaid “TB” marking. Unfortunately, this appears to be the only photograph of this or any other Bergmann carbine that can be found today, and the available literature does not mention them.


I have been contacted by the owner of another one of these carbines, who corrected the date (I originally listed them as Model 1907). All four of the guns he is aware of have serial numbers that fall into the Model 1897 range. Interestingly, all four of the carbines show the same type of engraving as the example pictured above.


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