Dr. Jackson Crawford’s Thoughts on Finnish Brutality 2022

I am very happy to have had the chance to introduce my friend Dr. Jackson Crawford to Brutality matches this year, at Finnish Brutality 2022. I thought we should take a few minutes to sit down and talk about his experience in the match as a first-time shooter. I’ve been doing these for a while, and it is nice to get insight into the event from a fresh set of eyes.

Jackson runs a great channel on Norse language and mythology from an academic and historical perspective – largely the same way I approach firearms and their history here, if I may be so bold a to say so. If you are interested in that subject and don’t already follow his work, you can check out his channel here:




  1. This is truly a crossover I never imagined would happen, but am overjoyed about! I love his video with Simon Roper in which he speaks Old Norse and Roper speaks Old ENglish – they have a fairly intelligible and entertaining conversation.

  2. I really enjoyed watching this review of a Brutality match: much more so than watching any match on here or inrange for 2 or 3 years.

    I doubt I will ever fire a gun again; and I’m finding people firing guns in a competition more and more boring; but having watched this talk I will go and seek out some footage. The story is more engaging than the shooting.

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