CZ Bren 2 MS: The Civilian Version of a Modern Combat Rifle

CZ’s Bren 2 is one of the more successful recently developed military service rifles, having been adopted by the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as entering licensed production in Ukraine. The semiauto Bren 2 MS is a fine rifle on its own merits, but also offers an opportunity to build a near-perfect clone of a current service rifle. This used to be possible with imported rifles before 1989, and is seeing a bit of a revival these days with companies having domestic American manufacturing facilities.


  1. >>7:20 “as on the CZ807, the military version of the Bren 2”
    Nope, CZ807 was an Indian-specific version, and a complete dead-end in the neo-Bren story, while the military version of the Bren 2 was the CZ806. Interestingly, the recent Bren 3 is just CZ Bren 3, not “CZ808” of whatever.

  2. >>08:40
    The magazine shows caliber designations of 5.56 MM and .300 BLK – the latter caliber is the feature of the recent Bren 3, just premiered in Paris a week ago

  3. CZ is definitely cleaning out its old parts inventory. All the bells and whistles were added to accelerate the process. I do wonder that this includes the heavy profile barrel. It would seem cost effective to use as many shared parts as possible between the military and civilian versions. Expect this model to eventually be using new styles of sights, muzzle breaks, etc. when the parts shelves are empty.

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