Competition Skills Class with Russell Phagan

I had the opportunity recently to take a Competition Skills training class with Russell Phagan. Russell is a very accomplished multi-gun competitor and professional firearms trainer. He is a regular attendee at the 2-Gun Action Challenge Match in Tucson that I enjoy, as well as one of the founders of the “Trooper” class in this sort of competition, in which competitors must carry all of their ammo, tools, water, and other gear on their person throughout a match.

Anyway, I found the idea of a competition skills class to be a cool idea, so I figured I’d check it out. I’ve been to several “tactical” training classes, but the idea here was to learn and improve skills specific to competition shooting. Russell’s prices are very reasonable compared to the big-name schools, and has both the expertise and teaching skill to help people develop and build skills.

You can find Russell’s standard training class schedule at Arizona Security Professionals, and his personal blog at Sinistral Rifleman. Check him out – and if you’re in Arizona consider signing up for a class!


    • Heh… 🙂

      It’s actually a T&E rifle I’m reviewing for, a Colt 901. More interesting than most ARs because of the clever tweaks made to the design so that its .308 lower can be used with any standard .223-size upper.

  1. One thing I admire (envy would not be right) is the open space you seem to have in Arizona. I know this is a regulated range, but even outside of it; local by-law permitting (perhaps on public land?), you have lots of opportunities to shoot there. Similarly for Mid-West; lots of space there too.

  2. Hmm, You,re all so lucky, it’s impossible and forbidden to fire a gun anywhere here, except at gun range.s , longest one is 300 meters….

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