Chinese Warlord C96 Carbine from Taku Naval Dockyard

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Today we are looking at a second Chinese Warlord-Era C96 Mauser carbine. These were made as fancy sporting or presentation arms for important people – just as the original Mauser-made C96 carbines were. This example was made at the Taku Naval Dockyard, a facility initially set up to maintain the Beiyang Fleet but which expanded into arms production. Based on the pair of Nationalist flags on the buttplate, this was most likely made in the late 1920s.


  1. The 12-point star (representing the Sun) was the ROC Navy flag when the 5-strip Flag was the National; Flag of ROC. So when you see these 2 flags together, it is for sure before 1929. After 1929, the 5-strip Flag is prohibited to use at all. So now not too many people knows the 5-stripe Flag was the first official ROC National Flag.

  2. Have the book, watched the video, want the patch based on the buttplate – wink wink nudge nudge. Ten minutes well spent decompressing after work.

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