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Book review

Book Review: Out of Nowhere

March 28, 2014 Ian McCollum 6

I have been slowly trying to improve my education on sniper rifles, with the goal of putting together a series of videos on some of the interesting historical ones I have access to. On the […]

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Swiss ZfK-55: Manuals and More

October 30, 2013 Ian McCollum 15

Thanks to several readers, I have some more material on the Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifle today. To start off, Beryl sent this vintage photo of a group of Swiss troops with a ZfK-55 (and a […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Swiss ZfK-55 Sniper (Video)

October 28, 2013 Ian McCollum 23

At the Rock Island Auction last month, there were several Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifles up for sale. The rifle is basically a K31 action, with a bunch of modifications to convert it into a very […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Czech vz54 Sniper (Video)

May 27, 2013 Ian McCollum 13

While Czechoslovakia was a part of the eastern bloc, it did a pretty thorough job of developing its own weapons rather than use standard Russian designs. For example, the vz52 pistol, vz52, 52/57, and 58 […]

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Sniper Rifles

WWI P14 Sniper photos

December 28, 2011 Ian McCollum 9

From our friend Steve Hill at Spotted Dog Firearms, we have a good set of photos of an original World War I Winchester (as a result of British trials, it was determined that Winchester made […]