Carl Gustaf manual

Some other projects are preventing me from having the time to write much this week, so I’ll be posting a few more manuals before we get back to some more photo sets. Today, I’ve got one for the Swedish Carl Gustaf¬† submachine gun. Also known as the m/45 or Swedish K, this piece was developed during WWII based on observation of the other similar submachineguns of the day (Sten, MP40, PPSh, PPS). It was a simple and effective blowback design that fired only in fully automatic. Thanks to some US use in Vietnam, it has gained a bit more recognition than other similar SMGs of the era. It was also licensed to Egypt (produced as the Port Said) and copied by Smith & Wesson as the Model 76.

Carl-Gustaf Submachine Gun manual (English)

Carl Gustaf M45


  1. This weapon was very popular in Ireland until recently. It was in use as an NCO’s weapon by the Irish army reserve

  2. FCA man , seems the IRA were some of the first to appreciate the 1921 Thompson. Recall seeing a non go area in northern Ireland and the masked IRA guys had ’21 guns with 50 round drums ! So much for British “gun control” . Even James Bond has to carry a German gun.

  3. i once owned a pre 1968 transferable k-gun. it was found in the interarms warehouse by a friend of mine that was employed there. super sweet to shoot. i wish i had her back now. that was in the year 1979. there were also two nib pre 68 uzi,s there but i wanted the k-gun. oh well.

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