Book Review: Vickers Guide WWII Germany (Volume I)

Larry Vickers and James Rupley have expanded the Vickers Guide series of coffee table books to World War Two Germany, to look at one of the periods of the most rapid small arms development in world history. And, in light of full disclosure, they asked me to help. Along with Mr. Vickers and several other contributors, I wrote many of the text sections in this book. Specifically, this volume focusses on handguns, submachine guns, and bolt action rifles – including sniper rifles and a wide variety of foreign made arms used by the German military.

Recognizing my natural bias in favor of my own work, I can say that it is 360 pages of magnificent photography – undoubtedly the equal or better of any other print book you will find. This is a book intended to highlight and share one’s collecting interest in the period – it is for perusing and admiring rather than for detailed research. I would like to think that the text is pertinent and informative, but it is there to provide support to the photographs and not the other way around.

If you live in one of those households where one person’s interest in historical arms is completely invisible because it doesn’t fit the decor standards, Vickers Guide is exactly the thing to add that flavor to the home without compromising anyone’s standards. Get your copy at!


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