Beautiful Webley WS Target in 22 Rimfire

Webley introduced the WS model revolver in 1902, combining the square grip of the earlier WG model with the mechanical system of the Mark IV government revolver. The new WS pattern was available in both Army (6” barrel and fixed sights) and Target (7.5” barrel and adjustable sights) patterns. In addition, a small number were made in .22 rimfire. These were not single shot conversions, but fully functional 6-shot .22 caliber guns. The cylinders are distinctively stepped, and the barrel has a standard external profile but a .22 caliber bore.

Sold for $2,070 in the December 2019 RIA Premier auction.


  1. Looks like maybe someone started stamping “P.WEB” in the wrong place and had to overstamp it with “Birmingham”.

  2. Both an interesting gun and reminder that in addition to the flashy military and personal protection sales. Gun companies depended (often far more) on and targeted for much of their money on less glamorous small caliber target etc. guns

  3. A friend has one of these. Very nice pistol, but as one person commented, “Very hard to find”. I wonder how many of these were scrapped when handguns were outlawed in England?

  4. That is a beautiful gun! A shame they stopped at 6 rounds and didn’t squeeze in a couple of extra chambers in the cylinder. Looks like there’s more than enough room.

    Also looks like they could have shaved off a significant amount of weight off the barrel, look at how thick it is!

  5. I have one but the rear site is a stand alone site and slightly further forward on the barrel and is a dedicated .22 not a converted .455.

  6. I have one in full working order . 22. Rimfire Weobley, Scott revolver. Which I shoot at our local gun club on the IOM, it is in excellent condition and I love it to bits, an absolute pleasure to shoot an extremely accurate.

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