Beat the Quarantine with New Forgotten Weapons Playlists!

Not to make light of a bad situation, but a lot of people are going to have a lot of unexpected free time at home over the coming weeks. Perhaps you want to spend some of that time learning new and interesting things about cool guns? I have more than 2,000 videos in the Forgotten Weapons back catalog, and I have now organized them into dozens of playlists, in all sorts of different ways. You can find playlists by nationality, by gun type, and by many more sorts of subject. Check them all out, and see what you have missed over the years!

Forgotten Weapons New Playlists on YouTube

Got an idea for another playlist I haven’t done? Let me know in the comments, and I will create more over the coming days…


  1. TY, Ian, this will really help with accessing all the old videos. While glancing at the catagories I noticed line throwers and flare guns. The line throwers I’ve seen on auction sites are commercial conversions of H&R single shots. Our line throwers(I’m USCG ret) were 1903 Springfield and 1917 Enfields.

  2. Ian, if the Coronavirus keeps people away from the big auction previews, is that likely to negatively affect bid prices?

    • Good question, was thinking about that for RIA. Given they have a lot of people in the room, they will probably postpone it.

      Morphy has already postponed two coming up. Expect other houses that are not doing online, will do the same.

    • Um, yeah: There’s a “The Bad” list…

      Great playlists!
      Makes for a diverting time between watching Alex de Iglesia’s *The Bar* and *12 Monkies* and *Soylent Greent* and other re-runs!

  3. Just fresh from news.
    Hoarding has no limits. One entrepreneuring customer has purchased one hundred 22cal rifles at one sweep. Investigation showed he wanted to resell them on black market with 1000% profit 🙂

  4. I remember watching the M47 video when it first came out, 2 and a 1/2 years ago now. It was the first time I’d seen Karl, and that made go and find inrangetv. Unfortunately for your suggestion that then prompted me to go back and watch the forgotten weapons back catalogue; there were only a bit over a 1000 videos on it then, and some of those were just a photo (which I miss).

  5. Please do a vid on the Agar Coffee Mill gun! Been trying to ascertain how many rounds each one of the ammo chests would have and if the ammo chests on the Limber would have had a similar inter-changeable chest for the gun.

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