1. Two observations. BHO magazines suck in so many WAYS. PPU loads these old military calibers on the light side for safety in old guns.

    • The adverse setting on the valve did not really help, so the gun itself is also faulty and does not cycle right. As Ian says in the video himself.

      In this condition the rifle is maybe a wall hanger. Although the barrel seems to shoot relatively good and the sideways spread is weird, but could be down to the shooter. Or the barrel is mounted questionably in the receiver and moves around.

  2. I didn’t write down the ammunition specs. Is it possible that a different load would run better? Serbian issue wouldn’t necessarily help, since the gun has been legally bubba-ed for sale in the U.S.

    • Yeah, as in “The government rules, you do not.” Let’s don’t bait the political correctness troll.

    • That PPU is some of the best 8mm commercially available. My guess would be the gun needs a Thorough cleaning and examining. I had to de-burr gas hole ports on my M77.. and it did take 120ish rds to start purring. But then again it is Serbian made.

  3. I was watching on of your Q&As where you mentioned a primer actuated semi-auto action. Apparently the American military rejected this idea because it would have required re-tooling the manufacture of ammunition. I am curious as to why this idea wasn’t followed to its logical conclusion where bolt unlocking is actuated by the case itself. This method -if it works – would initiate case extraction as soon as the gas pressure overcomes the inertia of the bolt. I’m not talking about an open bolt system like the Sten gun, but rather if bolt had the wedge shaped trailing edges on hte bolt locking lugs, the bolt lugs could provide some delay before the bolt completely opens. I’d appreciate your opinion.

  4. friends:

    a little judicious work with stones and some smooth sandpaper, a proper gunsmith to do the sears, and some sanding and oiling on the magazines, and some brass cased ammo, and the old dear might just work more like a singer sewing machine and not an old import.

    keep a little perspective here.– the gun shot well off of a backpack, prone in the sand (the worst group was minute of softball, and a chest is far bigger), and the recoil impulse was pleasant. a little fiddily w ammo, and some spit and polish, and one of the old dears might work just fine.

    i have an old 98 mauser, and it shoots ppu ammo pretty well. a good cartridge. worth a little “sweat equity” to get it going just right.

    • “…a proper gunsmith to do…”(С)

      In this case, it is a key stone.
      This is a descendant of Kalashnikov.
      So, it has the same congenital diseases as AK.
      Slightly improperly manufactured AK does not work exactly the same as in this video.
      And to find out that it was made incorrectly is possible only when shooting. Without cartridges, he looks and clicks just like a real one.

      You can thank the idiots who destroyed the “machine gun” receiver. 😉

  5. PPU calls for 5 rounds into 20mm at 100 meters with their 198 FMJBTHP. But of course that is in a real one not a Century copy. I’ve run this ammo thru a 98 sniper and at 100 yds put 5 under an inch. A little love by a good gas gunsmith could get her up and running better.

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