AFTE Presentation: Firearms and High Speed Photography

I have been using an Edgertronic high speed camera for about 8 months now (thanks to the support of all you folks who helped fund it!), and have been able to get some pretty cool shots with it. A couple weeks back, I took an opportunity to put together a short presentation on the uses of high speed photography as they relate to forensic examiners, for my local group of AFTE (Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners) members. I recorded the presentation to post online, for anyone else who is interested. The whole thing is spattered with high speed footage, including a bunch I have not yet published anywhere else. This will be a pretty dry presentation for many people, but if it’s your cup of tea, then sit back and enjoy!


  1. I found it very interesting.

    I would very much like to get someone to make a post sample Maxim with a clear sideplate (only really need 1+ sideplates to run the gun). I think watching the internals in slow motion would be awesome!

  2. Excellent presentation! As all work you do 🙂

    In my experience looking at high speed films for operating guns the sweet spot starts at 10,000 frames per second, 20,000 is better, and for close up muzzle gas/blast analysis, bullet impact, etc. the sky is the limit. But you need an increasing costly camera and lighting system for such speeds.

    Hope the technology will get costs down to make at least 10,000 and 20,000 FPS systems affordable in the future.

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