1. Ah yes, “Simpson LTD.”. I have purchased several guns from them. They ARE a “class act”, however they are more expensive (IMHO) than most others out there. That being said; if their ad says “excellent condition”, then you can rest assured that it really is just exactly that. I recently purchased a Smith and Wesson model 39-2 from them. While speaking on the phone to one of their salesmen regarding that pistol he said to me, “hmmm…looks new” (yeah, I thought, right of course you would say that”), but when I received that pistol from my local FFL, it really did look like S&W had just released it for sale yesterday. No exaggeration on that salesman’s part. I was extremely impressed when I received that pistol, both with the gun itself and the salesman’s assessment of it.

  2. Oh how I love Simpsons. I live a couple of hours from them and have made the milsurp pilgrimage a few times. They are great to work with and I’ve picked up a couple of rifles from them. Had a little bobble once, and they took a sizable chunk off of the price to make up for it. They really went above and beyond. I check their “What’s New” tab every day. Ian, where exactly is their Luger room, upstairs? I’ve never seen that part of the business and have always been curious. I’ve gone behind the counter and browsed the racks in the back (Greg was very helpful in helping me pick out a great K31 from their vast collection). Their basement collection of militaria is worth checking out as well.

  3. I grew up not far from Galesburg, but this is the first I’d heard of Simpsons. I’m very impressed with the video and their website.

    Although they have a banner ad and you give their website address at the end of the video, I recommend also adding a hyperlink in the post to make it that much easier to visit their page…it’s definitely worth it!

  4. AWESOME company ! ! Got activated from IRR to go to Iraq and once I was clear of all debt, ordered 2 Walther PP’s [French marked Manhurin’s in .32acp and .22lr] to ship to me once I got back from Iraq. They had my dealer on Oahu [Al Mongeon] already on record so it was all gravy once I returned.

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