A Tour of American Spirit Arms (Video)

Are you interested in firearms manufacturing? If so, you should check out GunLab today, where we’re (finally) posted something new. We went to visit the fine folks at American Spirit Arms, and they let us wander through their shop looking at how everything is made. We put together a video on, among other things, how a lower receiver is manufactured. Check it out!


If you would like to take advantage of their deal on the 95% non-firearm lower, give them a call at (480) 367-9540 and mention that you saw us on GunLab. Do it before November 15th 2012, and you’ll get 5% off – not a huge discount, but it should cover shipping. We’ll be getting one ourselves down the road and doing some video on the process of finishing it, so if you want to follow along when we do, now is the time to grab your 95% lower.


  1. Maybe its my inner russian speaking, but I feel that AR-15 design of rifle is so inefienct it is sad. Very sad. Ak rifle is just a hole in a sheet for magazine housing, Ar rifle is hole in a block. Yet, of genius quality is Volksturm Gewehr, it uses a stamping mounted in the reciever for magazine well.

  2. There are cheaper ways to make a rifle that is for sure.

    I did one 0% AR15 lower on a CNC mill. The other 2 I bought are paper weights. The 80% aren’t bad, but still throw away a lot of metal. One thing with the AR15 is the lower can be a plastic injection molding.

    IMHO, the Armilite most likely wouldn’t have been adapted if the small caliber program had be run different. Like 1st the gov select a cartridge and than announce that they want to buy a few million military rifles for it. Instead have having a couple of different design for testing an undefined .224 rifle and then a few years latter having to take what in an “emergency”.

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