A Semiauto FG-42 up on Gunbroker

Rick from SMG Guns dropped me a line to let me know that he has put one of his 8mm semiauto FG-42 rifles up for sale on Gunbroker. In fact, it’s actually the exact demo gun that he had sent me back in 2013, which I did a review video about. A few things to know about this rifle – it is definitely a used gun, but has a new chrome-lined barrel installed, and Rick is selling it with a warranty just like a new gun. So basically, you get a nice and slick action with a brand new barrel and a guarantee. To me, that’s better than brand new. The starting price is $2500 (half that of a new gun), and the winner gets it right now, instead of having to wait for a new production piece (the wait time is a couple months right now, I believe). Why sell this one? Rick has made a couple tweaks to the receivers to make them look a bit more original, and so this is no longer useful as a demo and review gun.

Semiauto SMG FG-42 rifle

If you didn’t see my original review, I’ve embedded it below – but in a nutshell, these rifles are soft shooting, hard hitting, and oozing with awesome historical quality. Rick has done a great job building them, and they are great shooters. I think the 8mm version is preferable to the .308 for historical authenticity, and because they use available and high-quality ZB26 magazines.  I don’t know what the final sale price will be on this, but someone is going to get either a great deal, a free ticket past the waiting line, or both. If I had the money, I would be buying it myself instead of telling you guys about it. 🙂


  1. I wonder if somebody got detailed information on rare Ruger MP9,Beretta PM12 and Socimi or Franchi 821??
    I curious if anyone got manuals on those things,those are truly forgottened weapons and nobody talks much about those models….

    There also seems no manual on rare Mexican Mendoza HM3…

  2. Thanks for that interesting PM12 operation manual.
    It shows mechanical components very well than anywhere….
    I wonder if Franchi LF57 shows exact types of mechanisms cycling….

    There is very insufficient information on Socimi or Franchi 821,seems like breed between Ingram Mac 11 and Uzi everything else is unknown about that model..
    The further results showed that Ruger MP9 was final of those series which also less known and truly forgottened gun…

    It would be nice to see how Franchi LF57 and 821 models looks internaly or cutaway view,finding those manuals is very hard..

  3. I wonder why the layout of the FG-42 – with a side mounted magazine and the grip under the ejection port – never caught on. It seems like a viable alternative to a full bullpup or a conventional rifle layout. It also allows the shooter to lie flat on the ground, while most rifles with a 30-shot magazine require lots of clearance between the ground and the rifle.

  4. As I said Socimi 821 smg is not detailed enough,those patents are old and not very detailed..
    LF57 doesn’t have schematic,so it not detailed at all….
    There is no manuals on Mendoza HM3 smg??
    So far there is nothing..

    • Patent US 3906833 A shows you a very detailed cutaway of the Mendoza Hm-3. It is an interesting gun, with a large exposed bolt.

  5. Mendoza HM3 Cutaway yes,but not an manual though..
    Socimi or Franchi 821 is very unusual smg ever made,it works by blowback principals like Makarov pistol does but how it looks like disassembled,who knows??

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