A Couple Antique Revolvers For Sale

I have found myself in the unfortunate situation of having bought a handful of antique revolvers at auction for an acquaintance, only have him decide not to pay for them. These aren’t guns I am particularly interested in for my own collection, so I am looking to sell them to recoup my cost. They are all antiques, and do not require transfer through an FFL. US sales only, all prices include shipping. If you are interested in any, please email me at admin@forgottenweapons.com.

1) Very odd 12-shot pinfire revolver. Brass frame, barrel, and small parts, with steel trigger and hammer. Mechanically functional. The steel parts are badly pitted and worn, while the brass appears in good condition. Marked with “1863” and an unidentified stamp on the right side of the frame and “I.D.M.” on the left side. Loading gate latch holds, but is weak. Asking $1200. Moved to GunBroker: http://www.gunbroker.com/item/563173226


3) German-proofed 7mm pinfire revolver. Lanyard ring, fully functional. All springs work quite well. Folding trigger, DA/SA. Asking $250. Moved to GunBroker: http://www.gunbroker.com/item/563174397




  1. OMG……..what an ungrateful acquaintance that is. Leaving you in the lurch, and our a few thousand $$$ I guess his word that he’d pay…was a LIE!! I’ve been in the firearms business for over 40 years. And if anyone did not follow through on a “deal”…he was excommunicated from the industry. And the word was put out. If you don’t let other know who it is…then others will get “hood winked” by this guy (I’m guessing its a guy….even though its the lowest form). I’ve done similar things with others….and even though the guns weren’t worth what they were bought at…..I paid up for them. It’s the “manly” thing to do. A MAN’S WORD….is his honor.

  2. That No.2 is simply gorgeous. No.4 has interesting patina pattern on it and would sub as a decoration piece with grace. Sorry I am not great fan of folding trigger guns but understand their purpose.
    Thanks for good pictures!

  3. That Constabulary piece looks in fantastic shape for its age. As for that last revolver, it has a lot of similarities to the Adams type double action revolvers, perhaps it is a clone/copy

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